Trivia Questions Week 08/13/21

  1. Why do Oympic Water Poo players where caps: to keep water out of ears, injury protection, or team identification? (There are plastic ear protectors on each side of the caps – the ball is heavy and could cause permanent damage to your ears)
  2. In terms of size – the United States of America is the 3rd, 4th, or 5th largest country in the world? (#1, Russia, #2, Canada, #3, USA, #4, China, #5, Brazil)
  3. What’s the most common way equestrian horses travel to an Olympic competition: Plane, Populated Ship, or Private Yatch?
  4. Of countries most visited by international travelers France is #1 and #2 is: China, Spain, or USA?
  5. According to a 2021 Barna Research Institute Survey – 14% of Americans think America would be better off if the Bible never existed & 23%, 33%, or 43% of Americans think America would have turned out exactly the same with or without the Bible?
  6. According to the PBS New Hour – America’s White majority population will become the minority population in this year: 2035, 2045, or 2055? (This is the projected year the total of all minority populations will out total the current majority white population)
  7. Why do Olympic Divers immediately shower after completing their attempted dive: For Better Skin, Health Protocol, or To Stay Loose? (Pool water is cold, shower & hot tub water is warm and keeps muscles loose & active – ready to perform with out injury)
  8. What percentage of bar’s featured on John Tapper’s extremely popular, “Bar Rescue” TV program go on to fail after the bar’s renovation: More or Less than 40%? (38.7% fail almost 40% but that means 61.3% succeed)
  9. Nike’s 2021 USA Olympic COVID-19 Masks were designed as a tribute to Janpanese Oragmi and featured 6, 7, or 8 rows of decorative creases on the front?
  10. True or False A Moose in the world’s largest deer? (Yep, bigger than a Mule Deer and the largest member of the Deer family)