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Archive for July 2017

Trivia Questions Week 07/28/17

In 1979 – 3 Mile Island was the site of America’s first Nulcear Power incident – 3 Mile Island is in this state:  New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Deleware? The current world “Pole Vault” record is 20′ 2 1/2 ” – this record has stood for just over 3, 13, or 23 years? (2/15/14 Frenchman Renaud…

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Trivia Questions Week 07/21/17

Tom Brady is currently:  73, 83, or 93 Touchdown passes behind Peyton Manning for the NFL’s all time record? “Valkyri” is a Man, a Woman, or a Place? (One of a host of female figures who chooses those that will live or die in battle – From Viking/North Men lore) In Matthew 9 we read…

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Trivia Questions Week 07/14/17

This candy bar originally had 3 smaller bars contained within within it – one vanilla, one chocolate, & one strawberry – was it:  Mars – 3 Musketeers Bar, Rowntree’s of York – Kit Kat Bar, or Nestle’s Chunky Bar? Bible Question: Lot’s wife turned into salt when she looked back to witness the destruction of…

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Trivia Questions Week 07/07/17

Bible Question:  1 Kings shares King Soloman burnt incense & offered sacrifices to the Lord closer to:  3, 65, or 365 times each year? “Men In Blace” (1997), “That Thing You Do” (1996), or The Blair Witch Project” (1999) – which movie was first to hit the big screen? In a recent ESPN Interview Tom…

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