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Archive for August 2014

Trivia Questions Week 08/29/14

The National Duck Calling Championships are held in:  Arkansas or North Dakato? Fortune Cookies were invented on the East or West Coast of America? (CA) The NFL team with the current longest playoff drought hasn’t been to the playoffs in more or less than 15 years?  (Buffalo Bills 14 years) According to a recent NFL…

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Trivia Questions Week 08/22/14

Colorado, California, Texas, Arizona, & Utah or S. Carolina, N. Carolina, Washingto, Delaware, & Oregon – Which list of states are considered to have the nation’s top economies? Miss Texas has given 50 cent a run for his money – for the worst first pitch in baseball history – she claims wetness or windiness caused…

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Trivia Questions Week 08/15/07

Tony Stewart was involved in a horrible Sprint Car accident that killed another driver (Kevin Ward).  Pictures & Videos have been plastered all over the internet and ESPN.  What number in on Kevin Ward’s Spring Car:  13 or 31? The “Baby Boomer” generation accounts for 78 or 178 Million people? Kansas University’s new football uniforms…

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Trivia Questions Week 08/08/14

In 56 days a Silk Worm consumes 8,600 or 86,000 times it’s own weight? At the Bridgestone Invitational last Sun – Sergio Garcia knocked a diamond out of a spectator’s ring – the TV announcer estimated the size of the diamond at 4 or 6 Carats? 38% or 83% of Americans eat some type of…

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Trivia Questions Week 08/01/14

What jersey number did Dennis Rodman wear while playing for the Dallas Mavericks:  70, 90 or didn’t have a number? (In 2000 Rodman played 12 games for Dallas – He was ejected twice during that span – the Mavericks tired of him quickly) Human Population has doubled in closer to the last 35 or 135…

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