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Archive for March 2014

Trivia Questions Week 03/28/14

  This week a man with terminal cancer and confined to a bed – asked the Zoo he spent 25 years working for – if he could say goodbye to the animals he cared for.  The Zoo said, “Yes” and during his last tour of the Zoo he received a “Kiss from Giraffe” or a…

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Trivia Questions Week 03/21/14

Carolina QB Cam Newton is having surgery this week on his Right or Left Ankle? PFC’s are or are not something your kids would enjoy having?  (Perflurochemicals:  PFC’s are chemicals used to keep things grease & stain free:  snack bags, carpet, drapes, non-stick pans – over the years can develop metabolic disorders from PFC’s) In…

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Trivia Questions Week 03/20/14

Sierra Nevada couple walking their dog used a stick to dig out a rusted can.  Leading them to find 8 cans filled with 1,427 mint condition gold coins dated 1847 to 1894.  The coins now are worth closer to 300 or 1,300 times more than their face value.  (Face Value:  $27,980 – Current Appraised Value: …

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Trivia Questions Week 03/03/14

Michael Jordan brand accounts for more or less than 15% of all Nike profits? (7.7% 2 billion of Nike’s 26 billion last year) She was at a party and helped deliver a baby in the living room of a party she was attending:  Katie Perry or Shakira? The Spurs Manu Ginobli – blew out a…

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Trivia Questions Week 02/28/14

Which Bathing Suit shows more skin:  Bikini or a Monokini? Rex & Rob Ryan found time to have lunch during the NFL Combines in Indianapolis.  If you go on-line you find a picture of them with Hooters Girls or the staff at Wing Stop? This singer actress is set to join the cast of NBC’s…

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