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Archive for October 2013

Trivia Questions Week 10/25/13

Clothing sizes for women range from:  0 to 24 or 0 to 36? Katy Perry’s hit song “Roar” has been played as a pre-game intro for an AFC or NFC team?  (Fans came out of the woodwork to complain about the song being used as the official intro song of the AFC North – Bengals)…

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Trivia Questions Week 10/18/13

Le Bron James has always watched videos of Michael Jordan for inspiration but he also admits to watching video’s of this former NBA star:  Allen Iverson or Hakeen Olajuwon? Strawberries & Oranges are 2 foods that naturally brighten or darken teeth? The last 3rd place game in the NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament was played before…

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Trivia Questions Week 10/11/13

Which is bigger a Golf Hole (4.25″) or the top of a 32oz McDonald’s Large Drink (3.88″)? When in college Tim Duncan set an NCAA record in:  Shooting %, Rebounds, or Blocks? The average person walks more or less than 200,000 miles in their lifetime? (150,000) The first winner of the Indianapolis 500 averaging over…

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Trivia Questions Week 10/04/13

Last year alone- Airline Industry add-on fees created an additional 27 or 54 billion dollars? More or Less than 65% of employees go to work when they are sick? Arizona Safety Rashad Johnson lost the top part of his middle finger attempting to make a tackle against the Saints 2 weeks ago.  The loss occurred…

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