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Archive for November 2017

Trivia Questions Week 11/24/17

Bible Question:  Who received more money:  Joseph’s brothers when they sold him to a caravan headed east to Egypt or Judas for betraying Jesus? (Brother’s got 20 shekels ($400) Judas 30 shekels ($600)) Dale Earnhardt has more in common with:  Peyton Manning, Charles Barkley, or Cal Ripken? (Best Driver/Best Player to never win a Championship)…

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Trivia Questions Week 11/17/17

How many of QB Tim Tebow’s 7 wins with the Miracle 2011 Denver Bronco’s were come-from-behind wins:  5, 6, or 7? When dropped from a equal height:  A Ball of Glass, A Ball of Stainless Steel, or A Ball of Rubber will bounce higher of a concrete floor? In the basketball classic “Hoosiers”, how much…

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Trivia Questions Week 11/10/17

How many Satellites sent up from Earth have been destroyed by meteors:  None, 1, or 3? (1993 – European Agency’s Olympus) There are 11, 13, 15 NBA Players that played with Michael Jordan who also played in at least one All-Star game? True or False a group of Pugs is known as a Party? (Grumble)…

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Trivia Questions Week 11/03/17

How many different Mon Night Football announcers have there been since it started in 1970:  36, 46, or 56? In 2005 the painting “Dogs Playing Poker” sold for $590,400 that painting features:  4, 5, or 6 dogs playing poker? From 1984 – 1994 Russian Sergey Bubka broke his pole vaulting world record 17 times –…

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