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Archive for February 2019

Trivia Questions Week 02/22/19

True or False Jellyfish have no brains, no heart, or no bones? From the NASCAR movie “Talladega Nights”, what is the name of the cougar that helps Rickie Bobbie get over his fear of driving: Karen, Kathy, or Crystal? The Nile River Crocodile can remain underwater holding it’s breath up to: 1, 2, or 4…

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Trivia Questions Week 02/15/18

One week after the New Orleans Saints were robbed of a trip to Super Bowl LIII (53) the NFL fined LA Rams CB Nickell Robey-Coleman for his helmet-to-helmet hit on New Orleans WR Tommylee Lewis – the fine was for more or less than $25,000? ($26,739) The average height of a 30 year old rubber…

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Trivia Questions Week 02/08/19

In 1953 a young boy upset at a local Springfield, MO pet store released a crate of deadly Cobra snakes – History remembers it as the “Great Ozarks Cobra Hunt” – It took residents 90 days to find & kill all: 8, 11, 14 snakes? (True Story) At this year’s Super Bowl in Atlanta –…

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Trivia Questions Week 02/01/19

what percentage of Americans plan to attend a Super Bowl Party this year:  22%, 44%,or 66%? (almost 1 in 4 – not me – I watch at home with my favorite food) Bible Question:  What did Joseph & Mary offer as a sacrifice at Jesus’s presentation at the Temple in Jerusalem:  a groat, yeast, or…

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