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Archive for December 2014

Trivia Questions Week 12/26/14

A “Green” person is more likely to take a bath or a shower? (Shower uses 75% less) How many NFL Coaches has Michigan expressed interest in having as their new head coach:  3 or 5? (Jim & John Harbaugh, Sean Peyton, Doug Marrone, Jason Garrett) The most cost effective way to cook in the kitchen…

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Trivia Questions Week 12/19/14

The NFL requires the Chiefs to have 36 footballs for any game but makes the Cowboys have 24 or 36 footballs for their games? (36 Outside/24 Indoor) There are more or less than 15 shapes in a box of animal crackers? (18) This current NBA & former Creighton Univ star practices “Misogi” – taking on…

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Trivia Questions Week 12/12/14

On Location Prize The great Ricky Henderson holds baseball’s record for “Most Stolen Bases” – Rickey has closer to 400 or 500 more stolen bases than Lou Brock – the man in 2nd place? (Ricky 1,406 – Lou 938 – that’s 468 more) Ships that choose to pass through the Panama Canal – pay more…

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Trivia Questions Week 12/05/14

This current coach won the NFL’s Punt, Pass & Kick Competition as a child:  Chiefs Coach Andy Reid or Rams Coach Jeff Fisher? What is the tail of a fox known as:  A Brush or A Whisk? Each year closer to 600 or 6,000 Americans are killed attempting to Jaywalk? On Location Winner! When he…

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Trivia Questions Week 11/28/14

in the 1970’s Mattel a doll called, “Growing Up Skipper” when you turned the arms: Skipper’s breast would grow or Skipper would get taller? Which Duck Dynasty television series star played football on scholarship for Louisiana Tech:  Phil or Si Robertson? A group of Jellyfish is called a:  Smack or Track? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Karl…

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