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Archive for August 2013

Trivia Questions Week 08/31/13

In a survey More or Less than 75% of women said they would not be comfortable wearing a bathing suit in front of a co-worker?  (72%) The College Basketball team that has won the most NCAA Tournament games is Kentucky – they have a total of 62 or 82 total NCAA Tournament Game wins?…

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Trivia Questions Week 08/23/13

The thickness of Hockey Ice is 2 to 3 centimeters or 2 to 3 inches? (About 1″) Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th or 7th of the 2000 NFL Draft? (199th pick) OJ Simpson was considered to play the role of The Terminator or Robo Cop? When tree leaves turn upside down – the…

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Trivia Questions Week 08/16/13

If you die with money in a checking account – your money is sent to the state’s Unclaimed Property Division after 5 or 7 years of inactivity? From the movie Anchorman:  How many News Teams are in the fight where Brick kills a man with a Trident?  4 or 5 One beaver can take down…

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Trivia Questions Week 08/09/13

The villian in the latest Star Trek – Into Darkness movie is named Kahn or Kronus? The total number of men in America each year that have Zipper related injures requiring medical attention is closer to 700 or 1,700?  (I bet that’s a fun trip to the doctor) The average distance a 45 year old…

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Trivia Questions Week 08/02/13

When you apply the product Preparation H – the relief you will experience – will be credited to the healing oil found in a Shark or in a Salmon (Main Ingredient is Shark Oil) The height & width of a standard Stop Sign is more or less than 29 inches?  (30″) They are 7 or…

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