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Archive for September 2014

Trivia Questions Week 09/26/14

The NFL team just sent out a letter to all season-ticket holders asking them not to stand up so much during their games:  It was the Jacksonville Jaguars or Tennessee Titans? A recent poll asked “Is it okay for parents to spank their kids?”  With over 1 Mil people responding 89% said:  Yes, parents…

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Trivia Questions Week 09/19/14

A Northern CA man was arrested this week for killing, cooking & feeding his ex-girlfriend a romantic meal made with meat from her Pomeranian Puppy or Peruvian Parrot? Adrian Peterson was arrested for injuring his 4 yr old son while spanking him with a tree branch – police photos show that Peterson struck his boy…

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Trivia Questions Week 09/12/14

  Upon learning about his 4 yr old daughter’s stage 4 pediatric cancer – this NFL team re-signed a Defensive Tackle they had just cut to help him pay for her cancer treatments:  Bengals or Colts? (By signing Devon Still to the practice squad he received Health Ins & $6,300 weekly salary – Bad week…

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Trivia Questions Week 09/05/14

According to Proverbs 16:5 – If you have a “Prideful Heart” God believes you have more in common with a:  Snowman or Liquid Rock?  (A Pridefull Heart is an:  Abomination – Abominable Snowman (Abominable:  Causing Moral Revulsion  Abomination:  Thing that causess disgust or hatred) Son Elijah scored 7 TD’s to help his High School win…

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