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Archive for June 2014

Trivia Questions Week 06/27/14

Using her age in the movie she starred which Disney character is the youngest:  Snow White (14), Cinderalla (16 to 19) or Ariel (16)? Michelle Wie’s putt on the 17th hole of the US Open clinched her first Major Title – the downhill putt was more or less than 20 in length? (Just over 20…

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Trivia Questions Week 06/23/14

The group arguing for the Washington Redskins to lose their federal trademark protection is or is not represented by Native Americans? Sovaldi is a new pill that cures 90% of patients with Hepatitis C – it cost:  $100 or $1,000 per pill?  (90 pills to compete treatment – $90,000) Saints put the Franchise Tag on…

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Trivia Questions Week 06/20/14

The total amount of Student Loans currently outstanding in the United States is more or less than a Trillion dollars?  (1.11 Trillion) During this years NBA Playoffs there were 19, 4 point plays and more or less than 70 times – players were fouled while shooting a 3 pointers?  (76) 46% or 64% of American…

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Trivia Questions Week 06/13/14

In game 2 of the 2014 NBA Finals – Heat PG Mario Chalmers threw a mean spirited elbow into the Right or Left side ribs of Spurs star Tony Parker’? (Dirty play by Chalmers) The oldest man in the world died last Sunday at age 111 – he claimed a clean diet – eating chicken,…

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Trivia Questions Week 06/06/14

The “Orbicularis Oris Muscle” opens & closes your eyes or makes your lips pucker? 91 yr old Harriet Thompson set a new 90 & older Marathon Record last week running the race in more or less than 7 hours?  (7 Hours & 7 Minutes) From the movie “Draft Day” Sonny ends up – giving up…

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Trivia Questions Week 05/30/14

Can you spell Johnny Football’s last name?  M-A-N-Z-I-E-L? This Summer Blockbuster was the first film to use a mega-sized advertising budget to promote the movie:  Towering Inferno (1974) or Jaws (1975)? According to ESPN’s Sports Nation – with almost 200,000 votes recorded – which team is more likely to return to the Super Bowl next…

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