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Archive for February 2014

Trivia Questions Week 02/21/14

Last week an NFL Player or NFL Referee had $50,000 stolen from his car?  (Houston Texan/New York Jet Ed Reed) On average men spend Double or Four Times as much as women on Valentine’s Day? The most visible model in the world is Kate Upton.  On April 10th of this year you will be more…

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Trivia Questions Week 02/14/14

Cigarette Butts & Filters take 12 or 21 years to biodegrade? Immediately after Tiger Woods’ affairs became public, men looking for discreet relationships on increased or decreased by 47%? True or False The lungfish is perfectly name for it’s ability to live out of water for years? Oklahoma State Star Basketball Player Marcus Smart…

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Trivia Questions Week 02/07/14

Seattle Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin will not be sending flowers or candy to this sports analyst after he call Seahawk receivers “Appetizers” saying, “They lacked a – Main Course”.  The crow eating analyst is:  Chris Carter or Keshon Johnson Using a standard Rail Car length of 75 feet.  I would take 60 something or 70…

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Trivia Questions Week 01/31/14

In 1970 a postage stamp for a normal letter would have set you back 6 or 12 cents? Which would you have been able to do first:  Watch Jackie Robinson play for the Dodgers (1947) or Ride in a Self-Operated Elevator (1950)? Which came first:   HBO was born (1972) or the First Test Tube Baby…

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