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Archive for April 2014

Trivia Questions Week 04/25/14

When Bubba Watson celebrated his Master’s win with a trip to a Waffle House – Bubba, his family & friends were or were not in Augusta, GA when they enjoyed their meal?  (Tipped the Waffle House waitress $148) Bible Question:  Matthew 5 tells us:  If your right eye cause you to stumble, gouge it out…

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Trivia Questions Week 04/18/14

The Disciples were told that Jesus was not in the tomb – Simon Peter and the One Jesus Loved raced to the burial site.  Who was the One Jesus Loved:  John or Paul?  (Paul was not a disciple and was still Saul at this time) The number of homes now available in the US has…

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Trivia Questions Week 04/11/14

April 5th is recognized International Dodge Ball Day or Pillow Fight Day? Peyton Mannings’ current endorsement deals are equal in value to:  Serena Williams or Maria Sharapova Endorsement Deals? Duncan Lou is an inspirational two legged Boxer Dog that became an internet star this week – Duncan lou was or was not born without legs.…

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Trivia Questions Week 04/04/14

Who has the higher current endorsement deal with Nike:  Kobe Bryant (8 Million) or Kevin Durant (8.5 Million)? In 1900 the first edition of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz was published – the book was or was not received well?  (Best Selling Children’s Book of the Year) Michael Jordan always desired greatness – his first…

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