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Archive for December 2017

Trivia Questions Week 12/29/17

196 Indiana Basketball Coach Bobby Knight threw a chair across the court after receiving a technical – when he left the court – he had accumulated:   1, 2, or 3 technical  fouls? I what year did Google start selling search advertising ads:  1992, 1996, or 2,000? In what year did Sports Illustrated get Pete…

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Trivia Questions Week 12/22/17

What is the name of Sherlock Holmes’ older brother:  Aldridge, MyCroft, or Haslett? In what year did Kobe Bryant look into the press room camera and say something close to, “I didn’t do anything wrong – the only thing I did was commit adultery.”:  2001, 2002, 2003? A “Funambulist” would be found at an:  Accountants…

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Trivia Questions Week 12/15/17

Which of these players did not appear in the sports Movie, “Any Given Sunday”:  Michael Irving, Warren Moon, or Lawrence Taylor? What is the recommended maximum depth for scuba diving:  30, 40, or 50 meters? Which NBA player won the most MVP awards in his career:  Kareem Abdul Jabbar (6), Bill Russell (5), Michael Jordan…

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Trivia Questions Week 12/08/17

The average American goes to sleep at:  10:30pm, 11pm, or 11:30pm? During the Mets vs Yankees Subway Series Roger Clemens became better known for having:  A Woody Moment, A Juicy Moment, or a Zestfully Clean Series? (Roger threw a broken wooden bat at Mets Catcher Mike Piazza) Bible Question:  2nd Corinthians 11:14 tells us who…

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Trivia Questions Week 12/01/17

Thanksgiving, Easter, or Super Bowl Sunday is a true blessing because there is less pornagraphy view on this day than any other day of the year? In John 4, Jesus ask the Samaritan Woman at the well to go and call her husband and come back.  She tells Jesus she has no husband.  How many…

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