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Archive for June 2015

Trivia Questions Week 06/26/15

Bible Question:  Who was Jacob’s Grandfather:  Issac or Abraham? As of today there are more or less than 100 players that have scored 28 pts or more in an NBA Finals game? (106) Fantasy Island & Star Trek “Wrath of Kahn” star Ricardo Montalban once did a television commercial describing this car as having “Rich…

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Trivia Questions Week 06/19/15

The current “Limbo” record is more or less than 8″? (8.5″, 18 yr Shemika Charles/Trinida) “Gobbledygook” is defined as meaningless language – spell “Gobbledygook“? This NFL team fines their players for “Farting” in team meetings:  NY Giants, Denver Broncos or NE Patriots? How many copies of the “Declaration of Independence” have been discovered: 1, 2…

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Trivia Questions 06/13/15

From the movie “Hunger Games” – what fruit is used to trigger mines surrounding the stockpile:  Apples or Oranges? Last Sat night we set clocks ahead one hour because of:  Daylight Savings, Daylight Savings Time or Daylight Saving Time? The US Military owns a Bavarian Alps Ski Resort that our country paid:  $80 or $800…

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Trivia Questions Week 06/12/15

When traveling to Yellowstone National Park – Park officials recommend keeping a space between you and the wild Buffalo of closer to 50 feet or 50 yards? (75 feet) The richest NASCAR driver of all time is: Jeff Gordan ($150 Million), Jimmy Johnson ($40 Million), or Dale Earnhardt Jr ($300,000)? At 35.1% West Virginia and…

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Trivia Questions Week 06/05/15

This NFL team just waived a player for animal cruelty:  Falcons, Eagles or Cardinals?  (Falcon LB Prince Shembo) Hooters or Hookers airline once provided a fun way for golfers traveling to Myrtle Beach? Which number is greater the number of Majors Rory McIlroy has won or the number of years Rory’s new girlfriend is older…

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