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Archive for May 2018

Trivia Questions Week 03/25/18

The Looney Tunes Golden Edition DVD has an ethic stereotypes disclaimer at the beginning delivered by:  Oprah Winfree, Morgan Freeman, or Whoopi Goldberg? Of the 30 fastest 100 meter times ever recorded – how many were accepted as records and found not to be assisted by doping:  9, 13, or 17? (Usain Bolt is responsible…

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Trivia Questions Week 05/18/18

Tennis Star Serena Williams is afraid of:  The Dark, Not Waking Up, or Growing Old? The movies Kill Bill Volume 1 & Volume 2 took 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years to write? If the average Largemouth Bass were to somehow become human – it would or would not need to consider getting a…

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Trivia Questions Week 05/11/18

In 2017 a Rueters study involving 250 kids, 10 yrs of age and younger, were asked how they felt about clowns – what percentage shared they disliked or feared clowns:  closer to: 30, 60, or 90%? (All 250 dislike clowns) The NBA’s longest distance “Slam Dunk” is owned by this NBA player:  Serge Ibaka, Zack…

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Trivia Questions Week 05/04/18

One Missouri team uses a Bermuda Blend for it’s stadium grass – the other uses a Kentucky Blue Grass – which team uses Bermuda:  KC Royals or St. Louis Cardinals A 30oz “Yeti” Tumbler is:  7 & 7/8″, 8″, or 8 & 1/8″ tall? Tiger Woods is a cat, dog, bird, or reptile person? Bible…

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