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Archive for February 2015

Trivia Questions Week 02/27/15

This year’s Super Bowl drew a record 114.4 million viewers – last Sun the Oscar’s viewership fell 16% from last year with only 36 or 63 million viewers?  (Down 16%) The college major with the highest earning salary is:  Petroleum Engineering ($102,300) or Nuclear Engineering ($67,000)? You can find “Gnurr” with your fingers or tongue?…

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Trivia Questions Week 02/20/15

If your doctor said it was okay to eat M & M’s but not to eat more than 100 calories worth per day.  How many M & M’s would you be allowed to eat per day – more or less than 25?  (29 equals 98.6 calories) Legendary basketball coach Jerry “The Shark” Tarkanian died last…

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Trivia Questions Week 02/13/15

How many ML Baseball Players have recorded six strikeouts in a single game:  4 or 8? If you are a licensed pilot and you get arrested for a DUI – you must notify the Federal Aviation Administration in closer to:  60 Hours or 60 Days (FAA will investigate after receiving notification letter) Bible Question:  When…

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Trivia Questions Week 02/06/15

  True or False – The 20th Century started on Jan 1st 1901? Bible Question:  Which of the brothers did Joseph put in jail to ensure his other brothers would return to Egypt with his father Jacob:  Benjamin or Simeon? Including all possible body parts how many times was the Jermaine Kearse Super Bowl catch…

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