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Archive for May 2017

Trivia Questions Week 05/26/17

The Marriot Residence Inn at James River Expy & Nation in Springfield, MO has:  4, 5, or 6 floors? ESPN follow Golden St players Stephen Curry & JaVelle to a Cryotherapy session this week – when JaVale was asked, “What’s your shrinkage like?” McGee responded with, “It went from Unicorn to:  Mini-Pony, French Fry, or…

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Trivia Questions Week 05/12/17

Of the Braille Alphabet which letter requires the most raised dots to make – is it a:  P(4), Y(5), or an M(3)? In baseball which is more rare:  A Perfect Game, Batter Walked 6 Times In A Game, or An Unassisted Triple Play? Today’s Rich Corinthian Leather is produced in this country:  China, Greece, or…

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Trivia Questions Week 04/28/17

What was the name of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Chimpanzee:  CJ, Bubbles, or Chuckles? The first athlete to clear 8′ in the High Jump did so in: 1989, 1993, or 1998? (07/29/89 Cuba’s Javier Sotomayor) The She-Ape that found & raised Tarzan was named:  Kala, Maarku, or Laywa? The most consecutive years one MLB player…

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