Commerce Terrace Consulting Trivia Show – Winners & Prize Pick-Up

Commerce Terrace Consulting Trivia Show
JOCK 96.9FM – 99.9FM – 1060AM
Saturdays 10am – 11am
Streamed at:
Play & Win at:  417-866-0969

Rules & Regulations:

Contestants must be 18 years of age

One call per household per show

Each question will have a multiple-choice answer
(50/50 or Multiple Choice (3) in most cases)

Each contestant receives a chance to win a prize – usually 4 prizes
($80 to $120 value per call)

If the contestant answers correctly – they win the prizes attached to the question

If the contestant wins any prize – they and their family are not allowed to win again for 30 days
(5 Shows before you can call again)

If the contestant wins any prize – they have 28 days to collect their prize

All prizes awarded on the Commece Terrace Consulting Trivia Show are not redeemable for cash or available for resale.
(Violators will be banned from participation in the Commerce Terrace Consulting Trivia Show)

All prizes awarded on the Commerce Terrace Consulting TriviaShow must be used by any established expiration dates.
(Prizes will not be reissued if the contestant fails to use the prize certificate by any established expiration date)

Expired prize certificates or any unused prize certificate from an entity that has closed and/or is no longer in business will not be replaced.  Please, use your prize certificates as promptly as possible to avoid any such situation.

Weekly Prizes may be collected, anytime after 10am the following Tuesday of each show
Pick-Up Location:

JOCK 96.9FM – 99.9FM – 1060AM Studios
3000 E. Chestnut Expy
Springfield, MO  65802

If the contestant/winner lives too far away or is unable to retrieve their prizes in a timely fashion  – they are allowed to submit a self-addressed & stamped envelope – along with verifiable identification (Drivers License or any credible proof of identification).  After identification has been established – prizes will be sent to the winner.

Other Ways To Win By Texting & following us on Twitter:

Periodically – opportunities are offered to win by texting a correct answer (Phone Number Provided on Show).  The same opportunity is afforded from time to time by following the show on Twitter at:  TriviaSportsGuy.

Increase your chance to win – follow us on Twitter:  @TriviaSportsGuy

Any questions or want more information – contact us at:


Conventional Mail:
Eldon Combs Productions, LLC
2965 W. Oakhaven Ln
Springfield, MO  65810