Trivia Questions 04/20/24

  1. Since 1992 when each of these movies were released more Americans have paid to watch: Aladdin, Home Alone 2, or Basic Instinct?
  2. After watching nearly 400 birds fall to the ground after being shot – Animal Rights Activists pushed for clay pigeons to be used instead of live pigeons at the: 1900, 1912, or 1924 Olympics?
  3. Bible Question: While wondering in the desert the Levite Korah, along with Dathan, Abriam, & On led an insurgence against Moses and his brother Aaron’s leadership – they were so arrogant they proposed letting God decide who should lead the Israelites – The Earth opened swallowing up the families, households & possesions of all involved with the uprising – fire came out from the Lord and consumed all: 50, 150, or 250 men that stood with Korah?
  4. How many NFL Wide Receivers have been named the league’s Most Valuable Player: None, 1, or 2? (No Jerry Rice, No Randy Moss, No Chris Carter, No Tyrek Hill – No Wide Receiver has ever won the NFL’s MVP award)
  5. The Dark Knight, Lego Batman, The Dark Knight Rises which Batman movie has made the most money? (Dark Knight 1.0006Bil, Lego Batman $312Mil, Dark Knight Rises $1.08Bil)
  6. Michael Jordan won the NBA MVP in 1991 & 92 who knocked him off his thrown in 1993: Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon, or David Robinson? (25.6 pts, 12.1 rebs, 1.8 stls per gm – Charles was in great shape and played his butt off that year – just short of winning it all)
  7. The most financially successful James Bond movie worldwide has been: No Time To Die, Skyfall, or Spectre? (No Time To Die $774,153,007, Skyfall $1,142,504,419, Spectre $880,707,5978)
  8. Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver Rashee Rice holds the NFL Rookie record for most playoff receptions with more or less than 25? (26)
  9. In 2023 conducted a poll to determine the most popular James Bond Movie Song – the winner was: Paul McCartney & Wings’, “Live & Let Die”, Carly Simon’s, “Nobody Does It Better”, Adele’s, “Skyfall”?
  10. What is the MLB record for most consecutive strikeouts by a hitter: 12 or 21? (3 tied on top with 12 consecutive strikeouts: Sandy Koufax, Steve Balboni, Reggie Jackson)