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Archive for November 2014

Trivia Questions Week 11/20/14

Memphis Grizzly star Vince Carter cried when he was first booed and then earned a standing ovation as a video tribute of his high-flying, Half-Man Half-Amazing days as a Raptor was being played before their game in Canada – Carter last played for the Raptors in:  2004 or 2006? NASA has built – a “Time…

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Trivia Questions Week 11/14/14

  A standard wooden utility pole stands 40 ft above ground with more or less than 7 feet of the pole buried underground? (6 ft) The bill on a MLB cap is more or less than 3 inches long? (Just under 3 inches) The maximum benefit pay by Social Security to a worker retiring at…

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Trivia Questions Week 11/07/14

Doing the “Big Ball” dance during an NBA game will cost a player more or less than a new Honda Fit LX? (Timberwolve’s Kevin Martin & Magic’s Nemeer Nelson both were fined $15,00 for doing the dance this year – A 2014 Honda Fit LX starts at: $15,525) 29 yr old Brittany Maynard swallowed lethal…

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