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Archive for April 2013

Trivia Questions Week 04/26/13

 400,000 people responded to the question – Do you think visible Tattoos are okay at the office?  74% Yes or No This years NBA best FG% belongs to a Clipper or Laker (64.3% DeAndre Jordon) This years Hot spring fashion color is Not So Mellow Yellow/Neon Lime Green? Who’s taller American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest,…

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Trivia Questions Week 04/19/13

Dodger Outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. has a unique way of dealing with hecklers – his technique would make fans of Jim Carey or Michael Jackson Proud.  (Puts his glove on his rear and makes it look like it’s talking) The door of Paul McCartny’s childhood home sold this week for $8,000, $80,000 or $800,000? In…

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Trivia Questions Week 04/12/13

If you don’t file taxes because you can’t pay – the penalty is closer to 5 or 50%? Back 1997 Tiger Woods won his first Masters winning by a record 12 strokes.  Who finished 2nd that year?  Tom Kite, Tommy Tolles (3rd) or Tom Watson (4th) If you file taxes and can’t pay – the…

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Trivia Questions Week 04/05/13

ESPN investigated 115 Sports Star founded charities 47 or 74% were corrupt? The country with the world’s largest gold reserve is:  USA, Africa or Switzerland In this sport when you’ve done something so grievous during the event – you are Black Carded and kicked out of the tournament?  Fencing or Fishing Robert Redford/Mickey Rourke almost…

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