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Archive for November 2015

Trivia Questions Week 11/20/15

Text Question The Sports Event Fan Wave was first performed before or after 1980? (1981) Bible Question:  From what mountain range did Moses view the promised land:  Mt. Sinai, Mt. Hor, or Mt. Abarim? The first recorded Fan Wave was performed at a:  Football, Baseball or Rugby event? (10/15/1981 Oakland A’s vs NY Yankees –…

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Trivia Questions Week 11/19/15

What NFL team is credited for vastly improving chicken wing sales in the USA the:  Bills, Bears, or Bengals? (4 consecutive trips to the Super Bowl – got a bunch of national exposure to Buffalo & Buffalo Wings) Bible Question:  According to the Bible Ruth was or was not a virtuous & worthy woman? (Ruth…

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Trivia Questions Week 11/13/15

Bible Question:  According to Matthew 5:35  Jesus tell the people in the Sermon on the Mount that the Earth is:  The domain of the Prince of the Air or God’s Footstool? Which QB is not in the NFL’s all time Top 10 Passing Leaders:  Fran Tarkenton (47,003), Jim Kelly (35,467) or Vinny Testeverde (46,233)? The…

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Trivia Questions Week 11/06/15

If you’re a professional athlete having trouble keeping your not quite divorced super rich wife – who is currently dating another high priced athlete – you can win her back with a visit to one of Nevada’s: 14, 19, or 24 legal brothels? In the US there are more states with a maximum highway speed…

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