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Archive for June 2017

Trivia Questions Week 06/30/17

Just like hotels and office buildings many Airliners do not have a 13th row because it is deemed to be unlucky – many Airlines also do not have a:  15th, 17th, or 19th row?  (#17 is considered unlucky in other parts of the world like:  Italy & Brazil) The average professional golfer walks more or…

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Trivia Questions Week 06/23/17

Which Sport Star once went bullistic when they were asked to pair of their shoes at at a shoe store:  David Beckham, Odel Beckham, Dorial Green Beckham? What percentage of people in Americans believe Chocolate Milk comes from brown cows:  3, 5, or 7%? (Mom & Dad told them at a young age and they…

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Trivia Questions Week 06/16/17

The song & video “Baby One More Time” catapulted Britney Spears into stardom in:  1999, 2001, or 2003? How many times has an NFL team finished the regular season undefeated:  2, 3, or 4? (Dolphins, Patriots, Bears(1934), & Bears (1942) Tone Loc set the world on it’s ear with “Funky Cold Medina” in:  1989, 1992,…

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Trivia Questions Week 06/09/17

Hooverball combines these 2 sports:  Volleyball & Tennis, Skateboarding & Polo, or Soccer & Sumo Wrestling? (Medicine Ball thrown over a net and caught – then returned over the net until someone drops the Medicine Ball or can’t clear the net – it’s a Cross Fit  game) When you get a Large Drink at McDonald’s…

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Trivia Questions Week 06/02/17

Sequiota Park in South Springfield has:  56, 76, or 96 parking spots for park patrons? This week Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show featured a mean tweet directed at Indiana Pacer star Paul George – the tweet read, “Paul George should be traded for a 1/2 bag of:  Skittles, Saltine Crackers, or Doritos? Survivalists generally follow…

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