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Archive for March 2017

Trivia Questions Week 03/31/17

If the Beverly Hillbillies were to arrive in Springfield, MO today – looking for a place to eat – they would most likely end up at:  Hooters, Cracker Barrel, or Golden Corral? (The Clampets live in Hooterville – so they probably be drawn to Hooters) When baseball legend Joe DeMaggio died – his last words…

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Trivia Questions Week 03/24/17

Which East Coast Celebrity paid $93,500 for the baseball that rolled through the legs of Red Sox 1st baseman Bill Buckner allowing the NY Mets to win the 1986 World Series:  Matt Damon, Uma Thurman, or Charlie Sheen? What is Whoopi Goldberg’s real first name:  Claire, Caryn, or Camille? (Caryn Elaine Johnson) Over his 23…

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Trivia Questions Week 03/17/17

Which state’s name translate’s into “Long River” in Native American:  Connecticut, Tennessee, or Illinois? How many Home runs were hit during the 2016 season of MLB:  5,610, or 6,015? How many bullet holes were documented to be found in Bonnie & Clyde’s car after authorities set an ambush and killed them:  61, 106, 161? Basketball…

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Trivia Questions Week 03/10/17

Which weighs more a Bull Fighting Matador’s uniform or the Cape he teases the Bull with?  (Avg Uniform 11 lbs Avg Cape 13 lbs – bar at top of cape keeps it wide) PT Barnum’s famous 6.5 ton Elephant named Jumbo ate:  200, 400, or 600 lbs of hay each day? Electronic Time Devices &…

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Trivia Questions Week 03/03/17

How much was a 3 day concert ticket to the 1969 “Love Fest” known as Woodstock:  $18, $24, or $36? Brooks Robinson & Carl Yazstremski hold the MLB record for most years playing for the same team at:  22, 23, or 24 years? In what year was the first Airline Movie shown:  1929, 1939, 1949?…

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