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Archive for May 2016

Trivia Questions Week 05/27/16

This QB holds the NFL record for most fumbles recovered in a career:  John Elway (14), Donovan McNabb (14), or Warren Moon (16) You are driving at night – in the distance you spot a set of blueish glowing eyes – you most likely are seeing a:  Fox (Blue), Deer (White), Racoon (Yellow)? Erick Dickerson’s…

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Trivia Questions Week 05/20/16

In 1970 the:  Spotted Owl, Dolphin, or Peregrine Falcon was among the first animals to be listed as an endangered species? Charlotte Hornets guard Kemba Walker had a breakout season this year – even playing through some serious pain the led to surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right or left knew? The…

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Trivia Questions Week 05/13/16

The KC Chiefs or the St Louis Rams share the NFL record for most first downs in a single game?  (11/24/2002 Seahawks (32) vs Chiefs (32) for a total of 64 first downs) Eric Marlon Bishop is the real name of this celebrity:  Will Smith, Jamie Fox, or Usher? Troy Aikman, Derrick Thomas, Barry Sanders,…

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Trivia Questions Week 05/06/16

In 1970 – 5 years before the show started Saturday Night Live alum Bill Murray was arrested for trying to smuggle 10 lbs of marijuana through this airport:  LaGuardia, O’Hare, or McCarran? (New York, Chicago, Las Vegas) San Antonia Spurs small forward Kawhi Leonard as humongous hands that stretch to the length of:  9.8″, 10.3″…

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