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Archive for January 2013

Trivia Questions Week 01/25/13

Phil Michelson announced this week that he was going to make changes this year – because of living in California he now pays 53 or 63% in taxes. A Blue Whale will weigh the closer to the same amount as 800 or 1,800 average males. The Knicks are worth $1.1 Billion the Lakers are worth $1 Billion the average NBA…

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Trivia Questions Week 01/18/13

Which one of these items is not yet ripe: A Green Olive or a Black Olive 2004 NFL Rookie of the Year was: Ben Rothlisberger or Carnell Williams What’s is the water that makes the 13th hole at the “Lost City” Golf Course in South Africa the most dangerous golf hole in the World? Alligators or Hippo’s Most of the Digestive…

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Trivia Questions Week 01/11/13

If you counted – One Number Per Second – It would take More or Less than 2 weeks to count to One Million? (11 days 13 hours 46 minutes & 50 seconds) 15 Year Old High School Swimmer asked this company for a custom-made Speedo to wear in his competitions and they did it was it: In…

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Trivia Questions Week 01/04/13

A MLB player has recently said that it would be very uncomfortable to play on a team with a Gay Player. That Player plays for the American or National League. (Torii Hunter-Detroit) If you could ask Dhaou Fatnassi “How many raw eggs do you have to eat at one sitting to kill yourself – he would tell…

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