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Archive for January 2015

Trivia Questions Week 01/30/15

Bible Question:  According to Exodus 7 – What did Moses use to afflict  Pharaoh and all Egypt with painful boils:  His Staff or Ashes from a furnace? When eggs have recently surpassed their expiration date It Is or Is Not a good idea to Hard-Boil them to eat later? Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch would rather…

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Trivia Questions Week 01/23/15

The face of the Stopwatch used for 60 Minutes is Black & White.  Are the numbers Black with a White Background or are the numbers White with a Black Background? In 1994 the US hosted the final 3 games of World Cup Soccer in Pasandena, CA in the Rose Bowl or in Los Angeles, CA…

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Trivia Questions Week 01/16/15

In last week’s Dallas vs Green Bay NFL Playoff Game – there was a very controversial decision on a play involving Dez Bryant – on the play Bryant started jumping to make his (what I thought by all counts) catch from inside or outside the 10 yard line? During an average meal a person swallows…

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Trivia Questions Week 01/09/15

Donna Douglass better known a Elly May Clampett died last week – Douglass earned her spot on the Beverly Hillbillies because of her ability to milk a Cow or a Goat? Since 2008 President Obama has played over or under 200 rounds of golf? (214) Wearing a Hoodie out in public could soon cost you…

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Trivia Questions Week 01/02/15

There have been 1 or 10 people throughout history that have swum the entire l1,826 miles of the Mississippi River?  (Fred Newton in 1930 – took 6 months) A single termite can live up to 30 months or 3 years? DeMarco Murray bought 22 Orefici watches – one for each member of the offensive team. …

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