Trivia Questions 05/18/24

  1. Boston Celtic Shooting Star Jason Tatum did or did not ever play tennis at Chaminade High School in St. Louis, MO?
  2. There are more stars in the Milky Way galaxy or more trees on Earth? (Scientist estimate the Milky Way has between 100 – 400 Billion stars – Earth on the other hand has an estimated 3 Trillion trees)
  3. Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, or LeBron James which NBA Legend is Dallas Maverick star Luca Doncic’s favorite NBA player?
  4. Closer to 27,000 or 72,000 trees are cut down every single day on our planet?
  5. Michael Jordan played in 1,072 NBA games – MJ fouled out in more/less than 10 games over his career? (Jordan fouled out of 11 games – Wilt Chamberlain played in 1045 games and Like Larry Bird never fouled out of a game – both averaged 2.3 fouls per game over their career – amazing because Wilt Chamberlain played an average of 45.8 minutes per game – Here’s a couple of tidbits for you – Bill Russel played in 923 games and fouled out 24 times while Kareem Abdul Jabbar played in 1,560 games and shared the same number of foul-outs as MJ, 11)
  6. If you were commissioned to pick up trash on a 1 mile stretch of any average American highway – you would pick up more or less than 1,500 pieces of trash? (On average there are 1,457 pieces of trash littering every mile of US highways)
  7. The have been closer to: 456, 564, or 654 times an NBA player has scored 50 points per game? (564 times but only by 150 different players – Wilt had the most 118, MJ 31, Kobe 25, Harden 23, Eldin Baylor 17)
  8. True or False Turkey’s sleep in trees? (More often than not Turkey’s sleep in trees because of predators)
  9. According to the rules there is no set official length a flagstick must be in a PGA tournament – however, it is recommended – the top of a flagstick should be more or less than 6’10” above the surface of the green? (It’s recommended a pin should be 7′ in length and with the depth of a hole being at 4.5 inches – the height of the pin would be 6’8″)
  10. Bible Question: During his temptation in the wilderness, what old testament book did Jesus quote to rebuke Satan: Exodus, Isaiah, or Deuteronomy?