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Archive for July 2013

Trivia Questions Week 07/26/13

Sunset on Mon was 8:29pm – Sunset tonight (Fri 7/26/13) will be at 8:24 or 8:26?The time of day most kieters lose their willpower is before or after 1pm (3:09pm) An ESPN spot features Yanke Robinson Canu spreading a cold virus thru the entire ESPN staff by High Fiving Everyone.  How many people does Canu…

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Trivia Questions Week 07/19/13

The Rockies or Padres drated Michael Vic in the 30th round of the 2000 MLB draft? The highest recorded golf ball speed occurred in a Long Drive Contest.  It was more or less than 200 Mph?  (223) From Matthew 14, Luke 9 & John 6 we read that Jesus fed 5,000 not counting women &…

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Trivia Questions Week 07/12/13

Part of a man-made fence is beyond the out-of-bounds markers but is leaning out onto the golf course and interferes with a players swing.  The player may or may not move or push the fence out of his swing path? Daniel was thrown into the Lion’s Den by King Darius or Kin Nebuchadnezzar? According to…

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Trivia Questions Week 07/05/13

On the Arc – how many of each animal was Moses commanded to take on the Arc?  0 (Moses was not on the Arch) A California mother is suing Monster or Red Bull energy drink for killing her son? Raven’s running back Benard Pierce was carjacked & robbed at gunpoint.  The model of car he…

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