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Archive for September 2018

Trivia Questions Week 09/28/18

The dozen golf balls you got last Christmas are in a drawer of you desk at the office.  How long can they set there until they start to lose some of their performance capabilities:  90 more days, 90 more weeks, or 90 more months? (Kept in room temp with no extreme cold or hot temperatures…

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Trivia Questions Week 09/21/18

Fountain of Youth explorer, Ponce De Leon was killed by native americans – he died of infection from an arrow that pierced his:  Back, Butt, or Genitals? As a High School Senior KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes was selected by the:  Detroit Tigers, Milwaukee Brewers, or Texas Rangers in the MLB draft? Bible Question:  From…

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Trivia Questions Week 09/13/18

What is the NFL record for longest punt:  96, 97, or 98 yds? (Steve O’neal 2014 Jets kicker against the Broncos) Bible Question:  God heard the Moabites insult & the Ammorites threaten his people – how did God judge them:  Treated as Sodom & Gomorrah, The Israelites destroyed them in battle, caused a great war…

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Trivia Questions Week 09/07/18

Bible Question:  What US National Holiday is close the day Bible tells us –  All the springs of the great deep burst forth & the floodgates of heaven opened:  Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Halloween? (17th day of the 2nd Month – Gen 7:11) Which 2018 NFL team currently owns the NFL’s oldest roster:  Patriots,…

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