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Archive for December 2013

Trivia Questions Week 12/27/13

From the movie “Dodgeball” what does ADAA stand for:  Amateur Dodgeball Association of America or American Dodgeball Association of America? President Obama and his family kicked off their 2 week vacation this last weekend when Air Force One touched down on the island of:  Hawaii, Kauai or Lanai (Honolulu, HI) From the movie “Dodgeball” Patches…

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Trivia Questions Week 12/20/13

US Citizens have been paying up to $50,000 for our nations lawmakers to have fancy oil painting portraits of them painted.  Republicans and Democrats have recently agreed that was too much and believe that amount should be reduced to $20,000 or $30,000? A security guard for the Lakers or the Heat was arrested this week…

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Trivia Questions Week 12/13/13

Fired Texans coach Gary Kubiak bought a full-page ad in the newspaper thanking everyone in the Houston area for the last 6 to 8 years? If you are a Misogynist at heart – you love or hate women too much? According to Romans 10:14 those who preach the gospel of peace have beautiful:  Hearts, Spirits…

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Trivia Questions Week 12/06/13

On Black Thursday better known as “Thanksgiving Day” Wal-Mart locations all over the country experienced major brawls as people fought over towels priced at 29 or 92 cents? From Proverbs 13:12 Love, Hope or Joy deferred makes a heart sick? Breaking Bad My Little Meth Lab Play Set and Twerky Jerky.  Both items are or…

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