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Archive for July 2015

Trivia Questions Week 07/31/15

This now baseball Hall-of-Famer switched hotel rooms last weekend because of his original room having ghosts:  John Smoltz or Randy Johnson? (Otesage Resort Hotel Cooperstown – room featured on Syfy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters”) Snake Island in Brazil is or is not a place you can visit? (1 snake per every 1 sq meters) Jets RB…

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Trivia Questions Week 07/24/15

A recent study proves the value of vacations in building strong families – that same study shared the average US family spends 6 or 16 days of vacation days together each year? Jamaican Sprinter and Olympic Gold Medal Winner Usain Bolt’s fastest recorded speed is more or less than 28 mph? (27.79) First Texter Wins…

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Trivia Questions Week 07/15/15

The San Francisco/Oakland/Hayward area led California & the nation in stolen cars in 2014 with closer to:  29,000 or 92,000 cars stolen? (29,093 – 1 out of every 633) First Text Wins Questions Which band made the 2015 Top 25 highest paid celebrities list:  Eagles, Fleetwood Mack or Rolling Stones (Eagles 14th $75.5 Mil, Fleetwood…

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Trivia Questions Week 07/10/15

First Texter Wins Question. Techically, Khloe Kardashian is still married to former NBA & Laker star Lamar Odom but these days it looks like she’ll be rooting for the Rockets or the Bulls this year? (Spending time with Houston’s James Harden) Bible Question:  What was the name of Jacob’s favorite wife:  Leah, Rachel or Rebecca?…

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Trivia Questions Week 07/03/15

The new contact sport of “Knockerball” is being promoted on ESPN – at you can purchase a “Knockerball” for more or less than $200? ($199) Bible Question:  In the Lord’s Prayer – what follows:  “Hallowed Be Thy Name”  either:  “Give us this Day our Daily Bread” or “Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will be Done”?…

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