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Archive for March 2016

Trivia Questions Week 03/25/16

One of the most synonymous items identified with the 70’s is the “Lava Lamp” – It’s creation was inspired by an:  Hour Glass, Egg Timer, or Raisins In Champaign? (1963 Edward Craven Walker saw an Egg Timer in a Pub) The St. Louis Cardinal player is one of only 2 players to receive a Co-MVP…

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Trivia Questions Week 03/18/16

During a run Seattle Seahawk RB Marshawn Lynch once broke 9 tackles on the way to a TD.  The Seattle crowd made so much noise the event registered as an earthquake – Beastquake took place in what year:  2010, 2011, 2012? (Google beastquake and enjoy) 100 people surveyed were asked, “If you were videotaped while…

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Trivia Questions Week 03/11/16

Red’s Hamburgers on E. Chestnut Expy in Springfield, MO was the first ever drive thru window in the United States but, which of these fast food kings was the first to introduce a drive thru:  McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Burger King? When sold out this MLB team plays in front of baseball’s largest crowd:  Blue Jays,…

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Trivia Questions Week 03/04/16

The Griesedieck Brothers have a history more connected to the NFL, MLB, or NBA? (Griesediek Brothers Brewery were the first sponsor of the St. Louis Cardinals on the radio – they are responsible for giving Harry Carry his big break) Which President had a 7 seat hot tub installed at the White House:  Ronald Reagan,…

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