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Archive for June 2016

Trivia Questions Week 06/24/16

Belgium, Switzerland, or Albania was the first country to make human Euthanasia legal? (As of June 2016:  Netherlands, Belgium, Columbia, Luxenberg – Plus, Assisted Suicide in:  Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Albania, Canada & USA (WA, OR, VT, MT & CA) America’s highest grossing film in 2014 was:  American Sniper ($350 Mil), Hunger Games – Mockingjay ($337…

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Trivia Questions Week 06/17/16

6/17/16 – Which sports movie had the biggest box office gross in the US:  42, Seabiscuit, Remember the Titans?  6/20/16 – Which Kevin Costner movie was the first to be released:  Bull Durham(88), Field of Dreams(89), or Dances with Wolves(90)? 6/17/17 – Each year many parts of our world experience large scale “Yellow Snow” caused…

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Trivia Questions Week 06/10/16

How much is a Sawbuck:  $5, $10, $20? (Because Roman Numeral 10 looked like a Sawhorse) A 2015 a extensive study found that: 76, 86, or 96% of former American football players had degenerative brain damage? (Study included high school & college players as well) Singer Adele’s 2015 record breaking album is named:  24, 25…

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Trivia Questions Week 06/03/15

Since 1951 the swimsuit competiton was used as part of the selection process when crowning “Miss World” until this year:  2014, 2015, 2016? Last year the world anti-doping agency suggested banning this nation from the 2016 Rio Olympics:  Russia, USA, or Germany? In 2015 it was discovered that this animal actually hums as it goes…

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