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Archive for August 2019

Trivia Questions Week 08/30/19

The Colts, Orphans, & Remnants were all part of this MLB team’s history: Braves, Cubs, or Dodgers? Wine is: 70, 80, or 90% water (80 to 85%) The Chicago White Stockings become the White Sox: Never, 1904, or 1924? Diet Coke is: 89, 94, or 99% water? In what year did Chicago become the Cubs:…

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Trivia Questions Week 08/23/19

Titanium is: 60%, 120%, or 180% more dense than Aluminum? How many children does Antonio Brown have: 3, 5, or 7? (Autonomy, Antonio Jr, Ali, Apollo, & Antanyiah) What percentage of Beer Foam is Beer: 25%, 50%, or 100%? Randy Moss, His Draft Selection, or Sterling Sharpe, which is the reason behind Antonio Brown wears…

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Trivia Questions Week 08/16/19

The maximum length any golf club can be played with during a PGA event is: 47″, 47.5″, 48″, or 48.5″? Going biggest to smallest the first US coin to fit thru the mouth of a 2 liter bottle is a: Quarter, Nickel, Penny, or Dime? The Minimum length any golf club can be played with…

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Trivia Questions Week 08/09/19

What were the original color of Dorothy’s slippers in the original “Wizard of Oz” novel: Red, Black, Silver, or Gold? The Pole Vault Poles that hold up the height bar are: less than 5yds, 5yds, or more than 5 yds apart? (4.5 meters 4.92 yds) Dogs love music and research shows they love: Country, Raggea,…

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Trivia Questions 08/02/19

What were baseballs wrapped with before cowhide: Horsehide, Pigskin, or Buckskin? You will most likely experience “Questing” while in the: Woods, Water, or Waiting Room? (A tick attached to leaf or grass – waiting to catch a ride on something passing by is “Questing”) The first baseball All-Star game was played as part of the…

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