1. The Colts, Orphans, & Remnants were all part of this MLB team’s history: Braves, Cubs, or Dodgers?
  2. Wine is: 70, 80, or 90% water (80 to 85%)
  3. The Chicago White Stockings become the White Sox: Never, 1904, or 1924?
  4. Diet Coke is: 89, 94, or 99% water?
  5. In what year did Chicago become the Cubs: 1893, 1903, or 1913?
  6. The US median retirement savings at age 60 is: $63,000, $117,000, or $172,000?
  7. The St. Louis Cardinals have had: 3, 4, or 5 team names in their history? (Brown Stockings, Browns, Perfectos, & Cardinals)
  8. With regard to Blood Alcohol Content what is our nation’s standard for impaired driving: .06, .08, or .10? (New national standard established by Congress in 2,000)
  9. Other than Football – Andrew Luck’s next favorite sport is: Soccer, LaCrosse or Rugby?
  10. Omaha, NE – St. Louis, MO – or Las Vegas, NV – Which city is not known for having some of our nation’s worst Tap Water? (St. Louis one of a country’s top 5 best water)
  11. This NFL QB has been blammed for the death of his mother: Jimmy Garoppolo, Drew Brees, or Deshaun Watson? (Didn’t hire his atty/mother as his agent – she never really got over it eventually, choosing to end her life)
  12. Bible Question: How many well-known appointed Israelite community leaders were swallowed up by the earth for their sin of opposing Moses’s leadership after the great Exodus: 250, 750, or 1,250?
  13. Jacksonville Jaguar QB Nick Foles could’ve just as easily been playing in the: MLB, The NBA, or the MLS? (Recruited by Baylor ,Georgetown & Texas to play basketball)
  14. A typical incandescent light bulb will provide – closer to: 700, 1,000, or 1,300 hours of light?
  15. In what year did Matt Cassell leave New England to join the Kansas City Chiefs: 2008, 2009, or 2010?
  16. Sunset Drive-In Theater in Aurora, MO is one of: 248, 348, or 448 Drive-Ins in American?
  17. What team did Trent Green go to when he left Kansas City: Miami, St. Louis, Washington?
  18. Each 22oz of Monster Energy drink requires: 4.3, 6.3, or 8.3 gallons of water intake to flush it out of your kidneys?
  19. One of the NFL’s biggest flops “Johnny Football Manziel” has a current net worth of closer to: $2, $4, or $8 Million?
  20. A Carpenter Bee is a Bumblebee Look-Alike that destroys wood: WD 40 kills or attracts Carpenter Bees?