1. What were baseballs wrapped with before cowhide: Horsehide, Pigskin, or Buckskin?
  2. You will most likely experience “Questing” while in the: Woods, Water, or Waiting Room? (A tick attached to leaf or grass – waiting to catch a ride on something passing by is “Questing”)
  3. The first baseball All-Star game was played as part of the World’s Fair in this city: Chicago, New York, or St. Louis?
  4. Ticks are more closely related to: Ants, Spiders, or Termites? (Tick is an Arachnid/Spider)
  5. The 1919 Black Sox Scandle featured the Black Sox and the: Braves, Phillies, or Reds?
  6. Some adult ticks can live up to: 1, 2, or 3 years without feeding on a host?
  7. In what year was the Cubs infamous “Disco Demolition Night”: 1977, 1978, or 1979?
  8. Bible Question: Who was King David’s grandfather: Boaz, Jesse, or Obed?
  9. Jim Palmer won a World Series game in three decades, never gave up a grand slam, or back to back home runs and wore the number: 21, 22, or 23?
  10. The absolute best way to remove a tick is to use: Alcohol, Tweezers, or Bleach? (Grab as close to head & pull gently until the tick comes out)
  11. In 1998 St Louis Cardinals Mark McGwire hit 70 homers – how many did the Cubs Sammy Sosa hit: 66, 67, or 68?
  12. If you don’t want to get Lyme Disease from a tick you shold remove any tick within: 6, 12, or 24 hours? (24-48 hrs very low chance)
  13. Barry Bonds has four more MVP awards the anymore in baseball history how many did he earn: 6, 7, or 8?
  14. Chiggers can or cannot infest your home?
  15. The people responsible for drawing up the original rules of baseball were: Firemen, Policeman or Prison Guards? (Knickerbocker Rules)
  16. Chiggers do or do not burrow into your skin? (Nope, they attached themselves to a pore or hair follicle, they do not dig into your skin)
  17. How many more gold gloves did St. Louis Cardinals great Ozzie Smith win than Pittsburg Pirates & San Fransisco Giant Great Barry Bonds: 5, 6, or 7? (Ozzie 13, Barry 8)
  18. In 2019 what percentage of Americans have a tattoo: 22%, 32%, or 42% (And, Climbing)
  19. How many times has an NFL player had 1,000 receiving yards, 100 catches, & 10 receiving touchdowns in a season: 22, 33, or 44? (29)
  20. What percentage of people that get a Tattoo later regret getting the tattoo: 12%, 17%, or 22%?