Trivia Questions Week 11/20/15

  1. Text Question
  2. The Sports Event Fan Wave was first performed before or after 1980? (1981)
  3. Bible Question:  From what mountain range did Moses view the promised land:  Mt. Sinai, Mt. Hor, or Mt. Abarim?
  4. The first recorded Fan Wave was performed at a:  Football, Baseball or Rugby event? (10/15/1981 Oakland A’s vs NY Yankees – George Henderson led the crowd to perform the Wave – 2 weeks later it was done at a Washington University football game)
  5. 66%, 76% or 86% of all home based businesses are owned by women?
  6. The first Thanksgiving Day Football game was aired on radio broadcasting across America and heard on 49 or 94 stations? (Detroit owner George Richards convinced NBC to start something that is now a national family tradition)
  7. An avg person walks the equivalent of 2 or 4 times around the world during their lifetime?
  8. The first documented use of “Eye Black” belongs to this sport:  Football, Boxing or Skiing? (1942, Andy Farkus – Fullback with the Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles)
  9. There are 29 or 92 known cases of Nuclear Bombs being lost at sea?
  10. The first sport ESPN put on air was a:  Softball Game, Rodeo, or Skeet Shooting? (09/07/79 Slow Pitch Softball World Series – Kentucky Bourbans vs Milwaukee Schlitz)
  11. The odds of flipping a coin and having it land on heads 10 times in a row are closer to: 1,000, 10,000 or 20,000 to 1? (1,023 to 1)
  12. What percentage of the Super Bowl viewer audience is from the US:  88%, 92%, or 98%?
  13. Google, Yahoo, or Bing was originally called:  “Jerry’s Guide To The World”?
  14. Scratching a Center’s Leg is how QB’s used to get the ball snapped in football – in 1891 QB John Heisman (Yes, that Heisman) started saying:  Hike or Hut to get the football snapped to him? (Hike means:  to pull or raise with sudden motion – Heisman must of been a pretty sharp dude)
  15. Which movie did not debut in 1991:  “Speed” with Keanu Reeves, Anthony Hopkins in “Silence of the Lambs”, or  “Hook” starring Robin Williams? (Speed 1994)
  16. If you are holding “The Duke” you can:  Score a TD, Throw Someone Out, or Make an Ace? (The NFL front office calls a football “The Duke”)
  17. If you walking around – minding your own business and you get confronted with a “Virgule” – it is most likely it will be leaning a little to the right, a little to the left, or standing straight & tall? (A “Virgule” is that slanted to the right line that’s used to separate the month, date & year when writing)
  18. Since 1955 “Wilson” has been making footballs for the NFL – they make more or less than 4,000 per day?  (Not quite 4,000)
  19. Airstrips are typically shorter or longer in the state of Colorado? (Air is less dense and requires more distance to gain speed to create the resistance needed to create lift)
  20. Seattle QB Russel Wilson shares his birthday with 3, 6, or 9 Million people? (Everyone with the exception of Leap Year BD’s share their Birthday with about 9 Mil people)
  21. The average person walks more or less than 5 miles a year from making his or her bed? (4 Miles – Keep In Mind many people don’t make the bed or at least not every day)