Trivia Questions 03/16/24

  1. Once a human body dies it normally takes closer to: 12 minutes or 12 Hours before it’s cold to the touch?
  2. His family didn’t have money so: Rickie Fowler, Tony Finau, or Zak Johnson learned how to hit a golf ball by hitting shots into a mattress in the garage of his family’s garage? (On the Netflix series “Full Swing” Tony Finau visits the old duplex he lived in when he was young and showed them the dents in the garage door from where he would hit errant shots)
  3. If a CSI Las Vegas Investigator examined a dead man’s body found in his home and noticed all the plants in the domicile were dead but the body had no sign of Rigo Mortis – he would conclude the body died more or less than 36 hrs ago? (Rigor Mortis starts within 3 hours of death – 8 to 12 hours after the entire body is stiff and at room temperature, Rigo Mortis fades away around 36 hours)
  4. Kansas City Chief running back Isaiah Pacheco finished this NFL Season in or out of the NFL’s Top 10 for rushing yards per attempt? (Nope he finished the 15th position behind: Lamar Jackson, McCaffrey, Justin Fields, Jaylen Warren, Jahmyr Bibbs, Kyren Williams, James Conner, Rehem Mostert, James Cook, Josh Allen, David Montgomery, Kahil Herbert, Aaron Jones, D’Andre Swift)
  5. In 2023 Allegiant Airline had an overall on-time arrival percentage of closer to: 60, 70, or 80%? (64.7%)
  6. How many of Golf’s Top 50 World Ranked Players are signed with the new LIV Golf League: 3, 6, or 9? (John Rahm, Terrill Hatton, Brooks Koepka) – when you sign with LIV you are no longer allowed to earn World Ranking points – something to do with playing only 54 holes – Kind of funny, a couple of weeks ago a PGA event only played 54 holes but those players all were awarded ranking points)
  7. When an airline flight is officially logged in as being late the plane arrived at the gate more than: 15, 20, or 25 minutes late? (So, in airline talk – your flight is never late unless it’s 15 minutes and 1 second late officially)
  8. If you doubled Taylor Swift’s weight – the total would be closer to Travis Kelce’s weight of 250 lbs or Jason Kelce’s weight of 280 lbs? (Taylor weighs 128 pounds or 256 pounds when doubled – only 6 pounds more than Travis)
  9. Bible Question: At the last supper – Jesus told the disciples one of them would betray him – which disciple asked Jesus, “Which one do you mean Master?”: John, Judas, or Peter? (The Bible says – Peter told John, who was leaning on Jesus to asked Jesus, “Which one of them did he mean?”)
  10. Dallas Cowboy legend Emmit Smith played 226 and holds the NFL All-TIme Rushing record at 18,355 yards but do you know how many yards Emmit Smith lost over his career: 103, 130, or 301? (I find that stat amazing)