Trivia Questions 04/27/24

  1. What is the MLB record for most consecutive hits by a batter: 12 or 14? (1952 Tigers’ Walt Dropo, 1938 Red Sox Pinky Higgins & 1902 Cubs Johnny King)
  2. The average male catheter is inserted to a length of closer to: 7 or 11 inches? (7 to 9 inches)
  3. In 2022 MLB teams had a 75.4% success rate when stealing a base in 2023 the rate was higher or lower? (80.2%)
  4. During the average colonoscopy procedure you allow a camera attached to a small flexible tube to violate your nether regions to a depth of more or less than 5 feet? (The average camera voyage is just shy of 5 feet at 4.92 feet – equipment can go up to 72″/6 feet)
  5. Bible Question: Of Abraham’s sons Ishmael and Issac who’s name means “Laughter”? (Ishmael means “God Will Hear”?
  6. Normally, it takes 15 minutes for a bottle of water to be absorbed by the body but when you’re dehydrated it takes 3 times less or more for water to be absorbed? (Energy drinks and caffeine take a minimum of 15 mins usually longer to have any effect on the body)
  7. The World’s #1 Golfer Scottie Scheffler won his first PGA event on the same day Patrick Mahomes or Matt Stafford won the Super Bowl?
  8. Today in America, closer to 1 out of: 3, 6, or 9 people live alone? (29% changing with young adults choosing to move back home)
  9. KC Wide Receiver Rashee Rice was involved in a speeding and reckless driving accident that caused damage to: 6 or 8 vehicles?
  10. So, if you drink coffee in the morning – after 45 to 60 minutes the coffee begins to do it’s job – you can expect it’s energizing effect to last: 2 to 4 hours or 4 to 6 hours before needing another jolt?