Trivia Questions 05/04/24

  1. What NFL team just drafted Jerry Rice’s son the: Bears, Chargers, or Titan’s? (5th pic of the 7th round – 225th overall pick)
  2. When you eat all 56, M & Ms in a normal bag, it will take walking more/less than 4 miles to burn the calories off? (3.8 miles – 120 yards per M & M)
  3. 33 NBA players have scored at least 50 points in an NBA play-off game but how many have scored 60 plus points in a game: 2 or 3? (Michael Jordan 63 pts/Elgin Baylor 61 – that’s it)
  4. Hummingbird’s flutter their wings 80 times per second, their hearts beat 20 times and in that same second their tongues can lick closer to: 13 or 31 times?
  5. Bible Question: Job lost all his property, possessions, and all of his 10 children during the time God allowed Satan to test his faith – after Job proved his faith how many children did Job end up having: 10, 12, or 20?
  6. True or False Squirrels on average recover 74% of the acorns they bury? (Research shows Squirrels don’t recover 74% of the acorns they bury – there’s a theory that they inherently know that they need to plant more trees for there survival)
  7. How many Wide Receivers were taken in this year’s NFL Draft (2024) before the Chiefs took the fastest-of-all-time draft pick Xavier Worthy: 2, 3, or 4? (#4 Arizona, Marvin Harrison Jr/Ohio St, #6 NY Giants, Malik Nabors/LSU, #9 Chicago Rome Odunze/Washington, #23 Jacksonville, Brian Thomas Jr/LSU)
  8. If you’ve taken a casual walk out into the meadow at a Milking Farm – you discovered you had to be quick on your feet dodging the countless “Cow Patties”, because the average cow makes a deposit more or less than every 2 hours? (15 times each day – 100 cows would produce 1,500 Cow Patties – that’s over a half-a-million a year (547,500))
  9. There were 3 players taken in this year’s NFL Draft (2024) named Xavier – they were or were not all Wide Receivers?
  10. The largest verified squid, A colossal squid stretches out from the end of it’s tenticles to the very tip of it’s body to a length closer to the size of a: Mina Cooper, Volkswagon Van, or School Bus? (46ft, in length and 1,100 lbs – these scary beast have been seen fighting with whales but they are fighting for their lives because Whales hunt them)