Trivia Questions 08/12/23

  1. The 2022 NFL leader in total Kickoff Return yds had how many yards? (Must get within 300 yds – Answer: 1,009 yards)
  2. Bible Question: The book of James says – wisdom is obtained by Obeying God’s Word or By Prayer?
  3. Tampa Bay QB Tom Brady or Detroit QB Jared Goff – who finished the 2022 NFL Season in the Top 3 for most passing yds?
  4. What flavor are Green Gummy Bears? (Answer: Strawberry)
  5. LeBron James or Anthony Davis – which current Laker Star has never been arrested?
  6. While you are working with Bees – you should never snack on a: Banana or a Prune? (Femeral is what alarms bees to protect their home – Bananas smell like Femeral)
  7. Aaron Rogers did or did not ever pitch a baseball game while in High School? (Short Stop, Outfield, & Pitcher)
  8. You drop 2 eggs into a bowl filled with water – on egg drops to the bottom the other egg floats – which egg should you cook and eat?
  9. Jim Dent or Davis Love – who holds the PGA all-time record for longest drive and 476 yds? (#1 Davis Love 476, #2 Jeff Sluman 473, #3 Charlie Hoffman 467, #4 Dustin Johnson 463, #5 Scott Stallings 460)
  10. You stomach produces a new lining closer to each: Week or 2 weeks? (Every 6 days)