Trivia Questions Week 11/26/21

  1. If at age 16 you started saving a quarter everyday for the rest of your life and you lived to current average life expectancy – you would saved an amount of money equal closer to the population of this Missouri city: Eldon (4,638) – Neosho (11,990) – or Waynesville (5,257)? (the amount saved would be $5,657.25)
  2. The NBA’s longest winning streak belongs to the: Boston Celtics, LA Lakers, or New York Knicks? (Jan 7th, 1972 LA Lakers defeated the Atlanta Hawks for their 33 straight win?
  3. Big Bad John was taller, Bad Bad LeRoy Brown was taller, or the 2 Bad Bad Boys were the exact same height? (Big Bad John 6’6″, Bad Bad LeRoy Brown 6’4″)
  4. Bible Question: True or False Adam had 3 sons? (Gen 5:4 After Seth, Adam lived 800 yrs & had other sons & daughter other than Cain, Abel, & Seth)
  5. In 1941 the world was introduced to “Wonder Woman” she stood a surprising: 5’8″, 5’10”, or 6′ Tall? (1941-49 5’8″ / 1950’s 5’9″ / 1960-2010 5’11” / 2011 6′)
  6. The record for most wins by an NFL rookie QB is 13 – how many times as it happened: 1, 2, or 3? (Dak Prescott 2016 / Ben Rothlisberger 2004)
  7. The unsettling Raptor sounds (barks) in Juarassic Park came from: Lost Geese, Mating Turtles, or Frighting Prarie Dogs?
  8. On Monday of this week LA Laker star LeBron James delivered a back-handed punch to the face of Detroit Piston forward Isaiah Stewart – 3 people were knocked to the ground during the melee. Spell the word MELEE?
  9. The sounds of doors opening and closing on on the Star Trek TV episodes were made from: Bank Delivery Tubes, Blowing Into A Hula Hoop, or Flushing Toilets? (Yep, listen closely – it sounds like any Airplane or Cruise Ship bathroom I’ve used)
  10. Two of these three quarterbacks weigh the same – the quarterback that does not weigh the same – weighs more or less than the 2 quarterbacks that weigh the same? (Tom Brady 225, Dak Prescott 229, Patrick Mahomes 229)