Trivia Questions Week 11/12/21

  1. How many holes are in each full square of Nabisco Honey Made Graham Cracker: 16, 20, or 22?
  2. Bible Question: On which day did God create the animals: 4th, 5th, or 6th?
  3. Beets, Bread, Cranberries, Onions, Mangos & Tuna – how many of these 6 items should your dog not eat: 2, 4, or 6? (Bread is okay but treat just like humans eat in moderation – Onions can be fatal to your dog because it has Allium & Tuna has mercury – make sure your dog is not eating your cat’s food)
  4. True or False – The Nitanny Lions or Penn St originally wore uniforms sporting LeBron James’s favorite color – Pink & Black?
  5. Why the heck did you put a Zipper in your jeans? It’s like peeing into the jaws of an alligator? This line was part of letter written by a disgruntled customer in the 1930’s, 1940’s, or 1950’s? (According to a Levi Straus website the Zipper was introduced to the original 501 jeans in 1954)
  6. 50/50 Question: Chicago Linebacker Legend was part of a fun & engaging set of beer marketing ads for: bud light or miller light?
  7. The idea of Velco was born: While hunting w/ a dog, while rescueing a cat, shile shuing flies at a BBQ? (Swiss Engineer George de Mestral was removing Cockle-burs from his socks & his dog after a hunting trip and wondered if that stick to fabric technology might have a usefull application)
  8. On Military Appreciation Night while retired Naval Petty Officer First Class Steven Powell began to sing our country’s National Anthem – San Fransisco 49er QB Colin Kaepernik took a knee for the first time in protest of racist Black Brutality by law enforcement in America – It happend the first day of September in: 2015, 2016, or 2017?
  9. 50/50 Question: The length of a standard baseball cap bill is more or less than the short sid of a standard index card (H: 3″ X L: 5″)? (Just less than 5″)
  10. Which sports story happened first: Golfer Curtis Strange became the first golfer to earn $1 Million in a season, Pete Rose quit playing baseball, or the Bad Boys Detriot Pistons swept the LA Lakers to win the NBA Championship? (Bad Boys Pistons swept LA in 1989, Curtis Strange won a $1 Million in 1988, Pete Rose retired from baseball in 1986 but managed the Reds for 3 more years before being banned from baseball in 1989)