Trivia Questions Week 10/29/21

  1. 50/50 Lakers are the oldest team in the NBA with an average age of closer to: 30 or 31? (30.9)
  2. 50/50 True or False – when a Polar Bear and a Grizzley mate their offspring is called a Pizzly Bear? (Other acceptable names are: Grolar Bear, Grizzlar, or Nanulak)
  3. The difference in the amount of yards the Kansas City Chiefs Defense gives up per game compared to the Buffalo Bills is: 182, 202, or 232 yards?
  4. A young Ed Sheeran came to LA with no contacts and no where to stay – when Kevin Bacon, Jamie Fox, or Reece Witherspoon saw him perform and offered Sheeran a room in their Hollywood home for 6 weeks? (Fox gave Ed the room but also allowed him to use his personal in-home recording studio)
  5. The NBA just voted it’s Top 75 players of all-time: Vince Carter, Dwight Howard or James Worthy was voted in the 76th position?
  6. A Trade Show worker with no chairs manning a booth for 8 hours will burn closer to: 1,200, 2,200, or 3,200 calories? (The average person standing around for an hour will burn 150 calories – 150 calories X 8 Hrs = 1,200 calories)
  7. If you combine interceptions and lost fumbles by the Kansas City Chiefs after 7 games this season the total would be more or less than 16? (17, 9 Interceptions & 8 Lost Fumbles)
  8. Bible Questions: In Mark 5 – Jesus heals the daughter of Jarius a: Centurian, Religious Leader, or Tax Collector? (Jarius is described as a Leader of a Synagogue)
  9. Tennesee Titan Running Back, Derrick Henry rushed for: 8,124, 10,124, or 12,124 yards over his High School career? (Henry owns the High School All-Time Most Rushing Yards Record Yulee High School in Yulee, FL as a Freshman 2,465yds, Sophmore 2,788yds, Junior 2,610yds, & Senior 4,261 yds)
  10. 50/50 A single strand of Spaghetti is called: Spaghetti or Spaghetto?