1. Last Tues morning ESPN “Get Up” star, Marcus Spears better known as “Swago” accidentally said: A love making word, A trip to the bathroom word, or a less manly word? (While talking about Kirk Cousins’ $84 #!* F’ng Million Dollar contract – it was silenced but he definitely slipped up)
  2. What % of American workers believe it’s very important to have at work: More or Less than 80%? (79%)
  3. Who was President of the United States when boxer Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali: Ike, LBJ, JFK, or Tricky Dick? (1964)
  4. During a time of thinking humans use what percentage of the brains: 25%, 35%, or 45%?
  5. True or False Augusta, GA has always been in Augusta, GA?
  6. In what country was paper invented: China, Egypt, India, or Italy?
  7. What did Promethus steal from Zeus: Lightning, Fire, or Golden Rings? (Lighting the Olympic Fire commemorates Promethus stealing Fire from Zeus)
  8. What percentage of American workers believe having social media available at work makes them more productive: 29, 39, or 49%?
  9. When picking out Ryder Cup caps for the 2020 matches European Captain Padraig Harrington was told: NY, Cleveland, or St Louis was the 1st MLB team to wear today’s modern designed baseball cap?
  10. According to “Mirror Online” what is the most annoying thing co-workers do at the office that bugs other workers: Talking too loud, hitting computer keys to hard, or not washing break room glasses?
  11. Since they year 2,000 – how many times has an NHL player scored 100 points in a season: 32, 42, or 52?
  12. How many minutes per day does the average office worker spend looking for lost or other files: 35, 50, or 65 minutes?
  13. New England Patriots field goal kicker Stephen Gostkowski is undergoing surgery on his right or left hip?
  14. On average, how many miles do the fingers of a typical typist on a daily basis: 6.21, 12.6, or 16.2 miles?
  15. Of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, or Magic Johnson who has the current lowest net worth? (Kobe $500 Mil, Magic $600 Mil, LeBron James $450 Mil)
  16. How often is the average manager interrupted in a typical work setting – every: 4, 8, or 12 minutes?
  17. Which QB has thrown for 500 yds or more in a game 3 times during his career: Jim Kelly, Ben Rothlisberger, Drew Brees, or Aaron Rodgers?
  18. Bible Question: Peter, Paul, or John which disciple asked Jesus, “Which of the disciples would betray him?”
  19. How many times has an NFL QB thrown for 500 yds or more in a game: 17, 22, or 27?