Trivia Questions 11/25/22

  1. Which current sports commissioner once worked as a bartender in college: The NFL’s, Roger Goodell, MLB’s Rob Manfred, or The NBA’s Adam Silver?
  2. Bible Question: In Revelation we learn: Sin, Sulfur, or Wrath is what burns anyone that is thrown into Hell’s Lake of Fire? (Fierey Lake of Burning Sulfur)
  3. Roger Goodell makes $63.9 million dollars in salary a year – Rob Manfred Makes $17.5 Million a year – Of the NBA, NHL, & PGA – which commissioner has the higher salary? (Adam Sliver $10 Million, Gary Bettman $9.6 Million, Jay Monohan $8.3 Million)
  4. On average any random person yawns: 6, 8, or 10 times every day? (By age 70 that’s just over 250,000 times)
  5. Emmit Smith has the most at 78 but, who has the 2nd most career 100-yard rushing games in their career: Eric Dickerson, Walter Peyton, or Barry Sanders? (Dickerson 64, Peyton 77, Sanders 76 but Smith played in 226, Peyton 190, Sanders only 153 games)
  6. In 1973 the movie “The Exorcist” premiered in Rome – True or False when the movie began playing – lightning struck a cross on a nearby church sending it crashing to the ground? (It happened and the Cross was positioned on a gloriously beautiful 16th Century Church)
  7. From the movie “Weird Science”: Ant Man, Iron Man, or Wolverine is involved with embarrassing Gary & Wyatt by pouring a large Red Icee on them at the Mall? (Robert Downey Jr./Iron Man)
  8. If you eat: Blue Cheese, Dutch Gouda, or Goat Cheese there’s a very good chance you will experience very weird & vivid dreams? (British Cheese Board conducted studies after hearing a number of claims and verified them)
  9. Kansas City Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the: Youngest, 2nd, or 3rd youngest player to win a Super Bowl MVP? (Marcus Allen 12 days younger than Lynn Swan and both were 23 – Patrick is the youngest of 8 players that were 24)
  10. When stepping onto a escalator it is recommended to use both handrails, hold on to the left side handrail, or hold on to the right side handrail? (Proper Escalator Etiquette is to enter the escalator and stay to the right to let anyone in a hurry get by)
  11. The Big Shots Golf Trivia Text Question: I honestly can’t believe there is not more outrage, especially in light of the times. If it were Patrick Mahomes, LeBron James, Aaron Judge, Wayne Gretsky, Tiger Woods, Nick Saban, or even Brad Pitt it would’ve been handled and over within a week! HERE IS YOUR QUESTION: Since the day she was detained to now, how many total days has WNBA Star Brittany Griner been detained, held, & imprisoned in Russia for having Vape Cartridges containing Hashish Oil? Answer: 292