Trivia Questions 09/07/22

  1. When astronauts dock with the International Space Station they are closer to: 150, 200, or 250 miles from Earth? (Did you know that the rockets actually get in front of the International Space Station then slows down and turns around and lets the International Space Station catch up in order to dock)
  2. When playing on tour the average PGA golfer plays closer to: 100, 200, or 300 rounds of golf per year? (78 rounds annually)
  3. The number of Satellites currently orbiting the Earth is closer to: 2,500, 4,500, or 6,500? (6,542 only 3,372 are active – sounds like companies are abusing outer space – needs some more structure NOW)
  4. The average golfer across our country consumes closer to: 22 or 42 gallons of alcoholic beverages a year? (A average American consumes 2.35 gallons of alcoholic beverages a year – golfers around gallons annually – they also walk around 900 miles a year – which means golfers average 41 miles to the gallon)
  5. The US state with the highest alcohol consumption rate per person is: Alaska, Nevada, or New Hampshire? (USA Today Washington DC #2 3.77 gallons per year per person, Missouri ranks 21st with 2.51 gallons, Utah the least with 1.35 gallons per year – Alaska 11th 2.85 gallons, Nevada 4th 3.42 gallons, & at #1 with an average of 4.67 gallons of alcoholic beverages consumed yearly – New Hampshire)
  6. 190yds, 205yds, or 215yds – which number best represents the driving distance of an average American golfer?
  7. Bible Question: According to the book of Matthew – 2: Doves, Sparrows, or Swallows are worth a farthing? ( A Farthing is worth half of an old penny – the least possible amount)
  8. The average age of an US Golfer is closer to: 40, 50, or 60? (54)
  9. The US has 2,804 of the 6,542 satellites current in orbit – w/ 467: China, Russia, or the United Kingdom has the 2nd most?
  10. According to the latest Gallup Poll conducted on August 21st, 2021 what percentage of Americans say they drink Alcoholic Beverages: 60, 70, or 80%? (2010 67%, 2019 65%, 2021 60%)