Trivia Questions 06/24/22

  1. Golden St Warriors or Brooklyn Nets – which NBA team currently has the league’s highest payroll? (Golden St $184,024,769 – Brooklyn $172,836,362)
  2. According to the box – how long should you set the timer on a microwave to warm up a Pop Tart: 3 or 6 secs?
  3. At $277 Million the LA Dodgers have Major League Baseball’s current highest payroll – the NY Mets or Philadelphia Phillies have the 2nd highest?
  4. One Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker Retangle or an Entire Aluminum Foil Pan of Jiffy Pop Buttered Popcorn – which has more calories? (Graham Cracker 127 Calories – Jiffy Pop $140)
  5. Bible Question: Which son of Adam was knows as a “Tiller of the Ground”: Able, Cain, or Seth?
  6. Flooring experts say the average Household should vacuum twice a week and Dust their home every: 2 or 4 weeks?
  7. In 2016 after helping the Warriors to a 73 win season – ESPN ranked Stephen Curry the 4th best Point Guard in NBA history – Feb of this year – ESPN ranked the all time Top 75 players – there were only 2 or 3 Point Guards on the list of above him?
  8. Although it’s evidently quite common for them wear the same bra for up to 4 days but many women are horrified to learn: 28 or 38 percent of men will wear the same pair of underwear for 2 or more days?
  9. A Major League Baseball Player or an NFL PLayer – on average which player has the longer career? (MLB 2.7 yrs/NFL 3.5 yrs)
  10. According to Petco – a good rule for how often to wash your dog is closer to once every: Month or 2 Months?